Funky Monkey Academy

Get fit and funky, release your inner monkey.

Welcome to the Academy

Welcome to the Funky Monkey Family! We’re here to help keep you fit, healthy, creative and happy, with loads of alternative ways to move your body. 

We’re curious and we love being students as much as sharing with others, which is how the academy was born.

We use a whole heap of different movement styles from circus based skills and movement methods to various dance styles (and we love a good mash up).

We totally celebrate our uniqueness and we want you to celebrate yours!

You can start at any level of fitness, it’s not about achieving a particular body image, it’s about increasing confidence and building resilience, all while having a good time.

Hear from some of our Monkeys...

Find out what Lesly has to say about being part of the Funky Monkey community.


"Just wanted to say, thank you for giving me something to look forward to in these interesting times. I have absolutely loved being able to join your classes and they've never failed to pick up my spirits in these lockdown days. I have truly loved every second. Thank you so so

much. ❤️"

So feel free to go check out our gallery of courses, from short sessions through to month long programmes.

If you have any questions or requests (we're always happy to hear what you'd like to see in the Academy), select the button below to PM us via our Facebook page, or DM us via Insta @funkymonkeyacademy